Yandere Chan whose real name is Ayano Aishi is a student that currently attends Yandere High school. She has madly found a love interest in Senpai ever since early childhood. She is a yandere, which means that she will kill or harm anyone who finds an interest in hopes Senpai will accept her feelings. She is known for being very stealthy, as she has killed various people in plain sight, but many people would never consider she would be a murderer.


Yandere Chan wears a white seifuku, a uniform that many female students in Japan wear. She also has jet black hair that is tied into a ponytail, and has a fringe slightly covering the top of her right eye. She also has faded black eyes, and black eyebrows.

Season 1 Yandere Chan's hair is depicted as slightly longer towards the beginning of the season than it is towards the end. She wears the same outfit described above.

Season 2

Yandere Chan keeps the same hairstyle as she ended Season 1 with, yet she is sometimes depicted in all-black attire to disguise herself. During school, she is dressed in the Yandere High School uniform.


Yandere Chan is a mental and cruel person inside, but her dark feelings are sealed by many "innocent" traits she possesses near people. She was a sweet and kind girl while she was younger, but would do something tragic to anyone who bullied or picked on her. Her dark side is passed down through her mother, and her many grandmothers before her.


Yandere Chan, growing up, was always someone you would consider "mommy's girl", for she took on after her mother's actions a lot. Her mother was a yandere herself, and the father took note of this. When he'd had enough of his wife's continuous displays of jealousy, he took action and contacted the authorities, who arrested his wife. The father had then raised Yandere Chan without a mother, yet he could not put an end to his daughter's behavior once it had begun.

It is shown that Yandere Chan has admired Senpai since her early childhood, and has been shown bullying other children who hang out with her Senpai.

It has also been shown that Yandere Chan and Senpai attended the same middle school. 


  • Yandere Chan has stated a couple of times that she loves uniforms.
  • Yandere Chan is obviously a reference to Ayano Aishi, the protagonist of Yandere Simulator.
  • Although many people thought Yandere Chan was Ayano Aishi in minecraft form, she isn't as Ayano Aishi's backstory is much more different than Yandere Chan's one.


  • "Remember, we're all in this together. If I get caught, you get caught. How would your little girlfriend feel about that?" -Yandere Chan to Alec


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