Valerie Maki is a former Yandere High student and the ex-girlfriend of Senpai.

Valerie was killed in a house fire caused by Yandere Chan in One Last Kiss. While The case on Maki has most likely been closed, and James was arrested for it, there is a private investigation going on by Evelyn Wynd, as she suspected that nothing added up after looking at the case files.


Valerie has bubblegum pink hair, with matching eyes. For most of Season 1, she wore a pink blazer with a red undershirt, with a teal skirt underneath along with black leather boots. Later on, when Valerie is injured, she wears white/gray casts over her sleeves.


Valerie was a very sweet and kind person, trusting everyone around her, which would later play a part in her murder. She didn't really have that much knowledge of America, since she was originally from Japan, but, she still managed to fit in and become close friends with Funneh and Gold. She was also considered "weird" by some people, as she made sushi out of her goldfish. Bullies also considered her a "ditz", as she was too sweet.








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