Wenny aka LunarEclipse, is 23 years old. She is known to draw thumbnails for all the Krew's videos. She has black and purple hair in real life. In minecraft or roblox, she has turquoise or purple hair. She is a YouTuber along with her other siblings, PaintingRainbows (Betty), GoldenGlare (Kim), ItsFunneh (Kat), and DraconiteDragon (Allen). Her birthday has been said on the Krew discord and Funneh’s Twitter that it is February 28.


  • Lunar might have OCD (if she does it's extremely minor)
  • Her favorite BTS member is Jimin
  • If she could only eat one food, it would be Dim Sums
  • She has 4 siblings: PaintingRainbows (Betty), GoldenGlare (Kim), ItsFunneh (Kat), and DraconiteDragon (Allen)
  • Lunar has a unique way of spelling her YouTube channel's name , which is LunarEclispe (S and P in 'eclispe' should be switched).
  • Her zodiac sign is Pisces.



  1. LunarEclipse Channel
  2. Itsfunneh Channel
  3. PaintingRainbow
  4. DraconiteDragon Channel
  5. GoldenGlare Channel
  6. Krew Channel

-Last edited on 10 May 2020

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