Liv was a student at Yandere High.


Liv had long, brown hair and brown eyes. To school, she wore a panda onsie. 


Though not much is known about her personality, she was suspected to be a little bit of a mean girl and displayed hints of vanity and conceit. She proclaimed to Funneh that she was the most popular girl in school.


While nothing from her past life is known, it was revealed that she was proclaimed to be one of the most popular girls at Yandere High.



  • Her name Liv is derived from the Old Norse name Hlíf meaning "protection". Its use has been influenced by the modern Scandinavian word liv meaning "life". It can also be a short form of "Olivia".
  • She was pushed off the roof of Yandere High at lunchtime, presumably by Yandere Chan, and bled to death shortly thereafter, if not immediately. Her corpse was discovered by  Funneh and Gold when they went to return her pendant to her.



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