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Welcome to ItsFunneh Wikia! This wiki was established on 08/20/2016.

Please keep some things in mind before contributing to this wiki. Basic rules include COPPA restrictions, Mature Content restrictions, and cuss/swear word regulations. New to the wiki and/or have you already read the rules? Haven't gotten answers yet? Ask one of our staff members, which includes bureaucrats, administrators, content moderators, and discussion moderators. They'll be more than happy to assist you. If everyone you messaged is busy, you can also ask some higher-ranked contributors or trial mods.

Please read the rules.

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Finally, reporting a rulebreaker? Please message a bureaucrat or administrator on their message walls. Be sure to add evidence into your post and try to handle the situation maturely.

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Gigi โ€ข Lia โ€ข Joy

Gigi โ€ข Lia โ€ข Joy โ€ข Anon โ€ข Jared โ€ข Glitter

Gigi โ€ข Lia โ€ข Joy โ€ข Anon โ€ข Jared โ€ข Glitter