Hello Neighbor was a series based off the famous game Hello Neighbor by Dynamic Pixels,

About the Series

In the Hello Neighbor series, Funneh and Gold go visit a vacation home they rented out. Everything is all normal until the two girls hear the sound of a chainsaw from the house across from them. Funneh gets curious and goes to investigate the house as Gold tells her not to go, as the girls get confronted by the Neighbor telling them not to EVER enter his house again, they disobey his commands and investigate further to find out the secrets in their neighbors house.

Main Characters


Funneh, being one of the main characters is the most curious out of her and Gold. She is a bubbly but curious character in the series, being more lazy and curious then Gold. She wears a blue and black T-Shirt with white shorts, she was long dark blue hair.


Gold is the second main characters in the series, being more like a parent to Funneh and telling her what to do and what not to do.Gold is the more mature and strict one while Funneh is more childish and curious. She likes vlogging and taking pictures, shown in many episodes of the series.


The Neighbor, according to Funneh and Gold, is rude and mean. The neighbor is very secretive and doesn't like to reveal to much. He doesn't like the girls touching or messing around with his stuff as he's worried they might find out one of his secrets.

Minor Characters

Pulor (forgot how to spell his name I am so sorry)

Pulor is a good friend of Neighbor, he is a polar bear who wears a scarf and a monocole. He can be friendly and can be rude, not much is known about him but we know he likes teaching and likes gifts.


  • Neighbor is played by either LunarEclipse or ItsDraconiteDragon.
  • Hello Neighbor was based off of the famous Hello Neighbor by Dynamic Pixels.
  • One of the only things Funneh likes about Neighbor is his moustache, saying that it's cute.
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