GoldenGlare, real name Kim/ Kimberly, is a Minecraft YouTuber who creates Minecraft role-plays. She was born somewhere in Canada on September 29, 1993, with her 4 siblings AKA The Krew: Funneh (Kat) , Draco (Allen) , Rainbow (Betty) , Lunar (Wenny).


GoldenGlare is a Gaming Youtuber with over a million subscribers. Though, she barely posts videos on her channel and mostly appears in ItsFunneh's videos playing games with the KREW. Kim aka GoldenGlare is a YouTube personality from Canada. She is known for creating roleplay and mini-game videos using popular video games such as Minecraft and Roblox. An impressive and creative game player, GoldenGlare also live streams her video games to let her YouTube audience watch her play the video games while listening to her brilliant narration. With over 1 million subscribers on her channel, GoldenGlare has achieved considerable recognition and success on the platform. The sister of fellow YouTube gamers ItsFunneh, LunarEclipse, PaintingRainbows, and DraconiteDragon, she is an extremely talented video gamer. Whenever not playing video games or shooting videos, she likes to spend quality time with her siblings and friends. Talking about GoldenGlare’s personality, she seems to be an intelligent and smart girl. With her impeccable video gaming skills, she is sure to become one of the top video gaming content creators on YouTube.

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  • In ItsFunneh's Draw my Life video, it is stated that Gold was the one who persuades Funneh into making roleplay videos. Thus, Yandere High was created.
  • Her name "GoldenGlare" is named after her favourite colour, Gold.
  • She is the second eldest sibling in her family.
  • Her Zodiac sign is Libra.
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