Gold is a junior student at Yandere High.


Gold has yellow/gold eyes and long dark brown ombre hair.

Season 1

For the first half of Season 1, to school, Gold wears a black blazer with a white undershirt that's paired with a red bow around the neck. With that, she wears a plain black skirt with white knee-high socks and black shoes.

For mostly the second half of the season, she a blue and white flower crown, with that she wears short, blue overalls over a light grey shirt, and knee-high, black boots.

Season 2

For season two, she wears blue denim short shorts with two white buttons, and a white shirt. Over that, she has a black off the shoulder cardigan with white straps and two white buttons on both sleeves. And to top it off she adds knee high black boots with straps on the sides of her legs.


Gold is a sassy girl. However, she can be a bit clumsy and sometimes a goofball. It is shown through the series that she can't spend her money wisely. For example, in one episode, it is seen that she bought a lot of things as she got her own credit card. The credit card was then taken by Funneh. She LOVESSS pizza.






  • In Gold's regular style, her style was looks like Little Carly from Little Club Adventures.



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