Funneh is a junior student

currently attending Yandere High School.


Itsfunneh skin 2 BD

Funneh has long, dark Yale blue hair that parts on the right and left, and bright, iris blue eyes.

Season 1

Funneh wears a columbia blue varsity jacket, one white stripe and one oxford blue stripe below, with pearl white sleeves, two oxford blue stripes on the bottom of each ones

. She also wears blue-gray jean shorts with brown lace up boots.

Season 2

Funneh wears light jungle green shirt with a black long sleeved cardigan, two cyan blue stripes on the left sleeve, one on the right. Funneh also wears mid-thigh white shorts and black sneakers, white at the bottom.


Funneh is overall a funny person. She's known for loving to prank and joke around, she is also one to be a little cocky from time to time. Funneh is also shown to have a sweet side to her personality, seeing that she took care of a kid when she wasn't paid to, and even gave up money for a scholarship for someone she liked (Alec). Funneh, though, is a little lazy, see when she pretended to study when she was really playing games.







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