Recently it has come to my attention that there is a page on ItsFunneh Wikia about an individual reffered to as "Flaming Flame", or "Alexa". Flaming Flame is said to be born on July 4th, 1987, making her the oldest Krew member. She allegedly died of breast cancer at the age of 28, on January 11th, 2016. She made her account on August 8th 2010.

Today I will be debunking her, there is lots of evidence so we'll get right into it.

First of all, the most compelling evidence, there is absolutely no reference to Flaming Flame anywhere but that one Wikia page. Even though she is the first member to make her channel, there is no evidence of her existing, and even Funneh does not talk about her. There is no channel, no pictures, no videos or even anyone talking about Flaming Flame. Not even in ItsFunneh's draw my life was she mentioned.

Next, the image used in the page can be traced to Pinterest under tags such as "#anime #girl #redhair" which is used generally for images of random anime-esque images. So there is no stable grounds for the imagery, or a source.

Also, her birthday being July 4th is suspicious, as it just so happens to be Independence day.

Lastly, the person who wrote the page goes by AriaLexyFire. This can be seen by checking the pages editing history, which blatantly shows so. Co-incidentally, the first comment is by this person, and is posted on the same date that the page was made. This is odd as there is only 2 other comments, made by the same person, so the possibility of someone running across this page on the day it was made is extremely unlikely. AriaLexyFire sounds a lot like Alexa, and they say that they are 30, which is close to Flaming Flame's current age, 31.

So in conclusion, Flaming Flame is a fake person created by AriaLexyFire and we should not believe or dwell on her.

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