Felicia Weisz is the secondary antagonist and a former student at Vengence High, but currently a student at Yandere High.


Felicia has long, brown hair that is parted on the right, tan skin, and emerald green eyes.

She casually wears a baby blue, over-sized jumper with a white undershirt and a pink bow around her neck, and a pink skirt. She wears black flats and white, knee-high socks.

In Episode 4, she wears a bright pink sweatshirt with black lining and white straps on the shoulders, black shorts and knee-high boots.

In Virtual Reality, she is spawned in as a goblin.


Felicia is known to be very cocky, full of herself and bossy. She likes to order people around, boss people around and also make rude remarks of however she despises. Sometimes when things don't go Felicia's way she and her friend, Brittney give that person a wedgie.


Not much is known about Felicia's history before the main story, but before going to Yandere High, she went to Vengence High, which is one of the top school's in the world. She went to the school with Brittney. She is also very rich as she lives in a mansion and has an expensive car.


Mean Girls Arc


Death-Con Arc



  • The name Felicia is a feminine form of the Latin name Felicius, a derivative of Felix. In England, it has occasionally been used since the Middle Ages.
    • Her last name, Weisz, is an alternative spelling of Wise, which is most likely a nickname for a wise or learned person, or in some cases a nickname for someone suspected of being acquainted with the occult arts, from Middle English wise "wise" (Old English wis). This name has also absorbed Dutch Wijs, a nickname meaning "wise", and possibly cognates in other languages.


  • "Whatever, still hot though!"--Felicia in response to Brittney, Episode 10, ''Gold's First Crush?!"



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