Elijah is a worker for Yandere Chan, he also has a sister named Celeste. Not much is know about his other than that.


Elijah has white hair that covers a slight bit of his eyes. He has Heterochromia, which means he has 2 different eye colors, his right one being amber and his left one being blue. He wears a jacket of what seems to be faux fur lining and checkered squares on the sleeves. He wears tan pants, gloves, and a tag on his gray shirt.


Not much is known about Elijah's personality.


Elijah and Celeste are siblings, he also works for Yandere.


In Funneh Has a Baby?! Elijah is seen at the end of the episode throwing Valerie's corpse down a cliff. In The Secret Hideout?! He is seen on the thumbnail hiding in a tree.


  • His name means "my God is YAHWEH" in Hebrew.
  • His sister is Celeste.
  • He works for Yandere.
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