Celeste is an ally of Yandere~Chan.


Celeste has long, pure white hair and black eyes.

She wears black rimmed glasses on her head, and a white dress shirt paired with a black, uniform-esque blazer with a red skirt paired with fishnet stockings.


Celeste is known to be nice and kind in front of other people. She is also known to be very competitive, especially when it comes to video games.

However, her darker side is shown when she partners up with Yandere. Like Yandere, she isn't afraid to get her hands dirty, especially if it means a positive outcome for her sake.


Celeste was first seen at the arcade in Season 1 of Yandere High. She competes with Funneh in a racing game and wins, showing that she is a pro gamer. She later on visits Yandere at her house and proposes a partnership. Yandere accepts, and they both continue carrying out unknown murders. They both were involved in Valerie Maki's murder, as in the finale, Celeste was seen with Yandere packing weapons of all sorts into Celeste's car, driving off afterwards. After Yandere knocks Valerie out, sets up the flares, and calls 911, Yandere drives off with Celeste into the distance, police arriving at the dorms shortly afterward.




  • Her name Celeste is an Italian feminine and masculine form of Caelestis. It is also the English feminine form.
  • She Has A Brother (name: Elijah) Who was Seen At the end Of Season 2 "Funneh has a baby!?" Dumping Valires Body Off the Cliff. He Was Also Seen With Celeste As they Were On Miss.Grenchbull's house
  • Her Grandma Is Miss. Grechbull



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