Funneh is a female girl who is a Youtuber. She makes videos every day and does a live stream on Fridays. Her real name Katherine La . Funneh was born on October 31, 1995, in Canada and she has 4 siblings, which is Gold, Draco, Lunar and Rainbow. Funneh has done a face reveal of her and her siblings (the KREW) on her 2 million QnA Video and the krew's Real Names - Kim (Gold), Allen (Draco), Wenny (Lunar), Betty (Rainbow). She is shy and likes her fans' smiles, which makes her happy when she isn't feeling bright.


Funneh and the Krews face reveal and QnA

Kat's Youtube channel is ItsFunneh . She plays Roblox and other games like Minecraft and the other games, and she sometimes plays new games. She friends only her family in Roblox because then she would have to friend all of her fans. Funneh loves dogs and she has 3 of them which she shares with her siblings like other Youtubers and she is nice and funny 😊. In the draw and life video, Draco is said to be the youngest family member and Rainbow is the oldest. There are five channels, DragoniteDragon, PaintingRainbows, ItsFunneh , GoldenGlare and LunarEclipse. Funneh worked with her mom, dad and her siblings in the restaurant when they were poor, and they had to go there after school. The first video she made which had views was the minecraft love series, so she made more videos once she was done with school. She is in college, so now she's doing more videos with her siblings. Years ago, Funneh loves making funny videos and she shows the videos to her parents and siblings. When Funneh was in school she drew a picture and her teacher said that she had a nice drawing. Funneh downloaded Youtube when she was little. Now she is done but more videos come up. Funneh's first Yandere Highschool video is down below! Also, she is the coolest youtuber ever and you can subscribe if you like the video!!! Love ,Kat
Yandere High School - FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL! -S1-Yandere High S1E1

Yandere High School - FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL! -S1-Yandere High S1E1.1 Minecraft Roleplay-

The first yandree high school video

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